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Tracefy is run by a team of young professionals who want to contribute to social challenges like sustainable mobility, quality of the environment,  security and health. Our fleet management solution is developed especially for smart mobility vehicles like e-bikes, e-scooters and kick scooters. By offering fleet management for these kind of vehicles we stimulate organisations to use fleets of  smart vehicles instead off for example cars which results in cleaner and smarter cities.

Our world is changing. Sometimes in large steps, but more often change is in the small things around us. Like our fleet management solution: a relative little change that adds value to things we are used to in daily life. And yet it’s a change with significant impact.

Our fleet management solution consist of a GPS tracker that generates an internet connection with all sort of vehicles. It virtually connects bicycles, scooters and other smart mobility products to its owners, generating useful data. The internet of things put to work. A solid and yet flexible system on which we build new features.

It’s ready for commercial purposes and every new feature and module we design and develop, adds more value.

track en trace systeem

Smart Urban Mobility – everything is connected


Our Tracefy system is developed for smart mobility vehicles like bicycles, scooters and kick scooters.  In short: we provide a realtime internet connection with any e-bike or scooter using GPS and connect it to a platform and a (customized) app, exchanging data realtime. And that’s where the fun starts. Because it’s the data that benefits both cyclists as operators.

Fleet management without breaking a sweat 

Managing a bicycle fleet with just a fraction of the time you spend now. And more insights than ever before.


Fleet management

Managing a fleet of bicycles without breaking a sweat. Insights on all bicycles anytime, everywhere, ready to use for management reports, billing to customers and maintenance plans.

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Data analysis

Data is what distinguishes Tracefy from other parties. All data that is generated by the Tracefy fleet management system, is (anonymous of course) available and can be extensively analysed for strategic planning and research.

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The Internet of Things applied on bicycles

This can only be a Dutch solution

fleet management


Productinnovation without redesign

We develop an app for your customers, which they use to operate the Tracefy bike tracker on their bicycle. We have a custom app available with basic features, but our specialized team of software engineers are happy to customize the app. Integrate your brandidentity for instance, or add specific features you think are relevant for your customers.


Puts a virtual fence around a bicycle and sends a notification to the smartphone when its moved.

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GPS Bike tracker

With a build-in GPS bike tracker cyclists will never loose a trip or route again. The Tracefy module records every ride.

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Battery level

The battery level offers remote insight on the actual battery level. Just check if the E-bike is up for the next trip.

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Service reminders

Sends service reminders based on actual usage. Preventive maintenance avoids future defects.

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Board computer

The board computer collects all activity by bike. Distance traveled, average speed etc. are presented in the app.

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Milage registration

Cyclists using their bicycle for commuting, can easily register their milage, both business and private trips.

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Tracefy offers the best fleet management  system for smart mobility

Our smartbike solution is now available and ready to use.

Brands & labels

Meet the needs of the tech savvy generation by offering them an application that makes life easier and is integrated in their smartphone. And at the same time, have these customers generate valuable data to further improve your productdesign and help your marketingdepartment focussing on the right targetgroup(s). Get in touch with them by sending them notifications, offers or invite them to evaluate your services via the app. 

Bike sharing & rental

See your fleet at work and manage it with a userfriendly dashboard. Predict availability per location, share this info realtime with your customers and offer them the possibility of making reservations. Adjust the distribution of your fleet over the different locations to meet actual demand.  Safe money and avoid unnecessary wear of parts and malfunctions by planning maintenance and get notified when bicycles reach a certain milage. Bill customers fairly, again: based on actual milage. 

Bike delivery

Optimize your customer journey by offer insights in their orderstatus and notify customers about the timeframe you’ll expect to deliver. And while at it; optimize your infrastructure: all data collected will help see patterns, optimize routes and check if agreed service levels are met by deliverers. Efficient delivery saves time, money and generates a happier customer.  Use the same data to plan maintenance based on actual milage and avoid unexpected malfunctions.

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